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Modern wire drawing machines

About us: Violi S.r.l. is an Italian company specialized in the design and production of machinery typically used in the goldsmith, industrial and precious metal recovery areas.

What we do: An example from our line of wire drawing machines is the VM/12PE, a 12 steps wire drawing machine with a complete electronic management. It allows to work even very thin wires with a diameter between 2.0 and 0.06 mm. The movement is generated by a three-phase motor with high-performance gear transmission that drive a 12-groove reel; the thread being processed is constantly tensioned through an electronic clutch device. The die holder unit is able to ensure perfect alignment of the wire entry hole with the drive and idle rollers; a cooling and lubrication system a closed circuit ensures the dispersion of the temperature of the die-holder group and of the motorized reel during processing so as to delay wear and collect waste materials. Starting takes place via a pedal or continuous operation. The VM / 12PE die is equipped with an electronic winder for winding the wire on constant torque reels.

A wide operator panel includes all the control instruments and ensure the visibility of the main information, like speed and torque, thanks to the use of some digital displays. The start is via foot pedal both when the machine is with opened or closed protections.

Why choose Violi? The company has always tried with its product to provide solutions aimed at the quality that customers want to achieve. Always looking for innovations and technological improvements aimed at obtaining the quality that the customer needs. Customers who turn to Violi want 'something more' and Violi strives daily to give it to them.



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